Friday, 11 October 2013

Review of the Polka Dot Planner from TYPO

I purchased this cute planner from TYPO last weekend. I was lucky enough that everything was 30% off in store for that day only. Obviously, I happily grabbed the opportunity and bought a few things.

Here is my review of this cute non-leather planner.

Starting with the pricing, it is such an inexpensive planner; priced at AUD 19.95 plus I received a 30% off. It is so girlie! This planner comes only in one size. There is another planner in their collection that is a Sparkly Pink one. It is more like a Barbie Pink and suitable for young girls. I bought that sparkly one for my little niece.

The Exterior is made out of pastel polka dotted fabric and has a protective plastic film sort of lining on top of the fabric. The clasp is magnetised that makes it convenient to use. 

Interior is made out of a synthetic material in a beautiful shade of pink. There are five beautiful printed tab dividers. Although I have to say that these are pretty flimsy. Laminating the dividers maybe a good idea if you would like to use these dividers or they are definitely not going to last. The sleek and stylish ballpoint pen that you see here comes with the planner and writes really well.

The inside of the front cover has 4 card slots, an ID card slot and one full length pocket.

The inserts are really neat and clean in terms of design. The font used is so simple that it is easy on the eyes. The paper is somewhat creamy in colour, which I think looks great with pastels. Stark white is a big no no! Also the Filofax Personal Size inserts fit perfectly in this planner.

Above picture: Month on two pages

Above picture: Week on two pages.
Do you see the perforated ends? I think they are a cool way to bookmark pages.

Above picture: Monthly Budget pages

Above picture: To-Do List pages

Above picture: Contacts pages

The inside of the back cover has two full length pockets. This would be great to slide in some receipts and coupons or even stickers.

Overall I think it is a really well designed and finished planner at a very affordable price. It looks cute, feels good and I think it is also a low maintenance planner that you could easily wipe clean if it gets dirty. 

So here is a quick summary of my likes and dislikes in this planner:

  • Affordable
  • Looks cute and pretty
  • Good finishing
  • Easy Maintenance
  • Well designed planner
  • Well designed inserts
  • Fits the Filofax personal size refills
  • Magnetised Clasp
  • The flimsy tab dividers

So you see there are hardly any negatives about this planner. If you are looking for an everyday planner that is cute, pretty, easy on your wallet and does the job well, then I would definitely recommend this cutie. 

Hope this review has been helpful.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.

Have a wonderful day!!

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