Saturday, 4 January 2014

Filofax Pink Fluoro Original in A5 - Circus Inspired

Happy New Year Everyone!

Hope everyone has had a good start to the new year 2014.
I personally don't believe in resolutions but I do have goals to achieve this year. One of the most important goals to achieve this year is fitness. My husband and I have decided to embark on this "Healthy Lifestyle" journey. It takes a lot of determination but we are ready for the challenge.

The other thing that I definitely want to do this year and continue on is to be a better person. I want to be more positive, tolerant, patient, loving and kind. I see all these wonderful qualities in my mother. I always think that she is such a fine lady with all the tolerance, generosity, patience and kindness that one could possess. I would love to follow her footsteps but I have a really long way to go. Life is too short for hatred and negativity. So, the idea is to Be positive, spread positivity and Be kind and spread kindness :). And of course, the quote for this week is inspired by the word "Kindness".

This week I have been constantly thinking of the circus and also I just wanted to use this bright fluoro pink Filofax planner for my first blogpost this year. I recently watched a Bollywood movie that was based around a circus. So that sort inspired me as well. Here are some photos of my pages for the upcoming week:


  • Washi Tape - All purchased from ETSY (Various sellers on Etsy)
  • UniStyle Fit 3 colour pen 0.38mm  -  JETPENS
  • Wooden Paper Clip -  Bought in Singapore almost 10 yrs ago
  • Sticky Notes - Big W, Sydney AUSTRALIA
  • Triangular Polka dot Sticky Notes - ETSY (Seller: Zakkalover)
  • Planner Inserts - Piaric (Facebook@Piaric)
  • Stickers - DAISO & Local News agency (Sydney)

Hope you enjoyed this blogpost and the photos. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.

Have a wonderful day!