Sunday, 19 January 2014

Kikki.K Large Time Planner : : The beautiful Australian Waters Inspired, celebrating AUSTRALIA DAY

It's been almost nine years since my husband and I moved to Australia. We have been living in Sydney since the day we landed in this beautiful country. We love Sydney. Its such a beautiful city with the most stunning beaches. My decoration for the upcoming week is inspired and dedicated to the beautiful Australian Waters. I would also like to wish all Australians a very Happy Australia Day and all Indians a very Happy Republic Day that both happen to fall on the same day - 26th January. This day always has been and always will remain a very important day in my life.

Here are a few photos of my upcoming week

That pretty paper clip in purple is handmade and gifted to me by a sweet friend Chelley. Please checkout her blog


  • Washi Tape - All purchased from ETSY (Various sellers on Etsy)
  • UniStyle Fit 5 colour pen 0.38mm  -  JETPENS
  • Wooden Clip - ETSY
  • Planner Inserts - Piaric ( Facebook@Piaric)
  • Stickers - ETSY

Hope you enjoyed this blogpost and the photos. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.

Have a wonderful day!


  1. Such a pretty week. I love the sailboat clip! Thank you for the shoutout dear. Much love!

  2. Hi again Malini,
    I love all your diaries design. I hope to do the same soon. how many time I search about Kikki K time planner it's not available now on kikki website. I'm trying to search it on ebay but all of them on bidding :(


    1. Hi Aysha, These planners by kikki-k are all sold out. Kikki-k comes up with new collection every couple of months. So the old stock is not restocked. So if you see something at kikki-k best idea is to buy it straightaway.