Sunday, 23 February 2014

DIY : : How To Make Your Own Bookmark

A few weeks ago, I purchased some times from Yozocraft online. Most of those items were from the Ballerina Girls collection. I adore the cute girls. I simply loved every item that I had purchased and for that matter, I even loved the price tags. The tags were too cute to be thrown away into the rubbish bin. I started thinking of ways to use those cute little tags. Suddenly an awesome idea sparked up. So here are a few photos and DIY instructions of what I made.


Supplies ::

:: The Cute Price Tags
:: Card stock at least A4 size to match the colours of the tag ( I used pink card stock 12' X12")
:: Ruler
:: Cutting Knife
:: Pen or Pencil
:: Craft Mat
:: Scissors
:: A Punch (any shape that you like). I used a floral shaped one from DAISO
:: Glue stick
:: Hole Punch
:: Washi Tape/s of your choice ( I used only one)
:: Some embellishment of your choice ( I chose Pearls)

Have all your supplies ready before starting your DIY project.

I had five tags that I definitely did not want to throw away.
Don't you think they are cute?

      How To ::
  • Trim away the unwanted section in all the tags leaving just the illustrated part for use
  • Cut the card stock to size 7.5cm W X 24 cm H
  • Try playing with the placement of the tags on the card stock before gluing them on
  • Stick the tags on the card stock using craft glue in the order that you like
  • Stick Washi Tape on either sides (vertically) of the bookmark 
  • Round the corners of the Bookmark
  • Embellish the bookmark. I chose pearls; I love pink colour paper and white pearls together
  • Create a punch on the very top of the bookmark using a punch of your choice
  • Punch holes in the bookmark to fit in your A5 Planner      

This is how my bookmark looks. I love it.

Let me know if you re-created one of these. 

And if possible, please leave a link to your creation in the comments. 

Have a wonderful day!


  1. Hi Malini, I have spent the afternoon reading all of your blog. I LOVE your color usage and design in your planners. You have a delightful way of describing things as well. I hope this finds you well and that you are having a happy day! :-)

    Take Care,

  2. Dear Sharon,

    Thank you so much for taking out time to read my blogposts. I really appreciate your time. Thank you so much for loving my designs and colour sense. I do describe things but I never thought that it could all sound so delightful. Your words are very encouraging and gives me a lot of confidence. I am very well. Thanks of asking and I hope you are well too. And as for having a happy day... you just made me extremely happy with your beautiful kind words. Have a fabulous day !

    Take care,


  3. What a neat idea! You even covered up the little holes in the tags. That's awesome. I'd totally make some but I've already made so many bookmarks I'm finding it hard to manage bookmarks I've already made! They're just so much fun to make...