Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Filofax Original Pink Fluoro A5 :: Dogs Inspired

This week I decided to use Dogs as inspiration to decorate my planner pages. I adore dogs! I have never had dogs or any other pets ever. I would love to have a dog or may be two dogs some day... very soon. May be a Beagle or a Labrador or a German Shepherd or a Jack Russell. I hope my hubby is reading this ;)

When I think of unconditional love, I think of two living beings; Dogs and My Parents. I know that sounds a bit strange but I am actually talking about the common quality of "Selfless Love" that Dogs and Parents share. They shower their love so unconditionally that it is hard to believe how selfless god made them. It is my mum's birthday on Sunday the 6th of April. I dedicate these pages to my mum; the best mum I could ever ask for and you too dad.

Happy Birthday Mum!!

Here are a few photos


  • Washi Tape - All purchased from ETSY (Various sellers on Etsy)
  • Pilot Frixion Erasable Pen in Black 0.38mm  -  JETPENS
  • Pilot Frixion Erasable Marker Pens -  JETPENS
  • Dog Stickers - DAISO
  • Kraft Heart Stickers - ETSY
  • Kraft Stickers - Had a friend purchase these for me from Target (USA)
  • Dog House Sticky Notes  - ETSY
  • Planner Inserts - Piaric ( Facebook@Piaric)

Hope you enjoyed this blogpost and the photos. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.

Have a wonderful day!


  1. This is so cute and nice - I love dogs too.

  2. I love these pages. So coloful and still harmonic. Love your Blog!

    1. Thank you so much for appreciating :). I am so happy that you like my blog.

  3. Love your blog. I noticed that you have different planners, do you use them at the same time? or just switch them by months? Right now I own 2 A5s and I'm not sure if I should use them for different stuff or just to switch every few months.

    1. Hi Isabel,

      Thank you for stopping by and appreciating my blog.
      Yes, I do have a few planners. I switch my A5 planners as per need. That means I see the deco theme and then decide on the planner to match. Hope that makes sense. :)

  4. loving the color. been eyeing on this fluoro but haven't found any place selling that ship to our country. Where do you usually buy the Daiso stuff, do you oder them online?

    1. Hi,

      Thank you for visiting my blog. Yes, it is a beautiful planner but unfortunately has been discontinued. May be keep looking on Instagram and Ebay if someone is selling. Or maybe some Facebook planner groups also do often sell planners. As for the DAISO stuff goes, I have a DAISO store here in Sydney that I go into to purchase stuff. :). Hope this helps