Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Filofax Maldens :: Review & Setup

Hello Everyone!!

Let me start by first apologising to you all for being missing in action of over four months.

I am extremely sorry that I did not post anything on my blog in the past four months. But the truth is that I have been pretty busy finishing some designs for my Wedding Stationery Business that is soon to be launched. Yes, I am starting my own little business and I am definitely excited. It has taken a lot longer than I initially thought. I still have some work to do with the business setup and the website. But I promise I will not go missing this time. Most of the work heavy/ tedious work has been completed. So hopefully I should be able to launch my business soon and reveal to you all. Stay tuned for the launch announcement :)

Today, I thought I will share my experience of Hunting, Buying, Owning and Loving my Unicorn Planners - The Filofax Personal and A5 Ochre Maldens. So here is the story...

My crazy planner addiction began when I started watching planner related videos on Youtube. I just wanted ONE planner and that would have done the job. But No! I started buying planners one after the other and literally hoarding them. Needless to say, I love all of them. I sold the ones I didn't love as much. I used to see a lot of photos of the Filofax Ochre Maldens on Pinterest and Instagram. But back then I used to think that the Malden was not for me as it was too sober for me. I love bright colours, pastel colours. But Brown?? Ochre?? .... No! That was definitely was not my style. That is what I thought and I was completely wrong!! I started looking at more and more pictures of the Ochre Maldens and started drooling over them. It was late last year when my love affair for the Ochre Maldens grew stronger. I started looking for an Ochre Malden in Personal size to purchase. I kept looking for months and I never saw any in stock. Well, if you know me you would probably know that I don't ever buy second hand stuff.
Yes I know it is a problem. But that is how I am! I love to keep my belongings neatly and handle things with extreme care. So the OCD in me doesn't allow me to buy pre-owned things. Sad but true!

Then sometime in June this year, I finally found the Ochre Malden back in stock on the Filofax UK website. And guess what !! I bought both the Personal and A5 Ochre Maldens. I requested my lovely friend Instagram Bridgette (living in the UK) if should could kindly ship it to me and she agreed. YAY!! In a week or so, I had my beauties in my hands. I have seriously never felt so happy about purchasing, receiving, or touching any of my other planners like I felt for these Ochre Maldens. I straightaway realised these planners are my Unicorns. I have purchased a few planners after I received my Ochre Maldens but I can definitely say that everyday the love for my Maldens grows stronger. They have to be favourites.

So here is a short review:

Material, Colour  & Construction ::

The entire planner is beautifully handcrafted using natural and very soft Buffalo Leather.
The construction is quite flexible and therefore lays completely flat. Some people may find it a bit floppy as compared to some other Filofax Planners but it is so soft and honestly I quite enjoy the relaxed look and feel of this planner. So comfortable and nice to hold. These planners are made out of genuine soft leather and have a very Vintage look and feel. Therefore no two pieces are identical. But that is what makes these Maldens so unique and elegant. The Malden range of planners by Fiofax comes in a few other colours. But my one and only preference was always the Ochre colour Malden.

Features on the A5 size Ochre Malden ::

  • Rings :: Six 1" or 30mm rings
  • Left :: One large full length stitched pocket with two additional half stitched pockets and a zipped pocket. One Pen loop in full leather.
  • Right: stitched pocket to hold A5 notepad. Pen loop.

Features on the Personal size Ochre Malden ::

  • Rings :: Six 7/8" or 23mm rings
  • Left :: Four credit card pockets and One zipped pocket.
  • Right :: Stitched pocket to hold a notepad. One Pen loop in full leather.

Recently these planners have become available and are back in stock on a few websites like Filofax UK and Pens and Leather to name a few. If you like these gorgeous planners as much as I do, then do not wait. Grab one for yourself before they are gone or discontinued (who knows!!)

And here are a few photos that I shared on my Instagram account recently and I would like to share with you all today :

The Supplies that you see here in the above photo are from TYPO

I hope you enjoyed reading this blog post and also the photos.

Have a fantastic day!


  1. Hi my friend,
    Do you use a camera for pictures?

    -XoXO Yessie

    1. Hey Yess,
      Good to see you here on my blog. I use my iphone to click photos. I need to start using my camera. :)xoxo

  2. Dear Malini, I enjoyed reading your 'planner journey'. :) Congratulations on your dream Malden - they're both so gorgeous! I dreamt of an ochre Malden last year for quite a while. I love the pockets! Beautiful weeks and so happy to see you posting again :)) <3 Xoxoxo, Chels

    1. Hello my dear Chels,

      Good to hear that you enjoyed reading my post. Thank you for your support and very kind words. I definitely love my Maldens. And I am so glad that bought these before they are gone for good. Xoxo , Malini

  3. Love your bunting dashboard!

  4. I just came across your blog while browsing for planner/scrapbooking ideas on Pinterest and I am totally inspired! Thanks for sharing your creativity with the world!

    1. Dear Donna,

      Thank you for stopping by and appreciating my work. I am very happy to learn that my work is inspiring:). Hope you got some ideas. Please feel free to ask me if you have any questions. I will be more than happy to answer:).

  5. Hi! I'm curious where you got your pink hole punch and mailbox sticker (assuming that's a sticker). Also - any recommendations for easiest way to punch holes for A5! Thanks :)

    1. Hi Jess,

      Thanks for stopping by. That pink thing is a stapler from Typo not a hole punch. Also the mail box is not a sticker but a clear stamp that i stamped on to paper and then coloured in. :). The best way to punch holesin an A5 is to invest in a 6 hole punch from Rakuten website. However, you can use a single hole punch also as an inexpensive alternative. Hope this helps:)

    2. Haha, woops! I've seen a hole punch that looked like that before. Any link to the stamps? And thanks :)

    3. Hi Jess,

      The hole punch from Rakuten is PU- 462

      The clear stamps are from - called 'you've got mail' :) hope this helps dear.

  6. Hi I just wanted to say that I think ur planner is awesome it's really pretty the way u decorate it and do u in anyway edit ur photos if u do could u tell me what editor u use thanks and I love your pony brown decoration


    1. Hi Rhea,
      Thanks for stopping by and appreciating my pages. I click these photos on my iPhone. I use, Photoshop Express App to edit my photos and I use Linecamera App to add watermark on my photos. That's all I do. My photos are not perfect. Intact they are nowhere close to what I would ideally like them to look like. But I am still learning and hope to get better at it some day :). Hope this helped. Cheers, Malini

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  8. where did you get the stickers of the little girl and her pup on your September spread picture?

  9. Where did you get the gorgeous flower charm? I'm in love with it.