About Me

Hello Everyone!

My name is Malini. I am a Stationery Designer, Illustrator and a Stationery addict.

I love a structured way of life and therefore love organisation in pretty much everything I do.
I am absolutely passionate about colours and appreciate good usage of colours.

I love pretty much all colours but I particularly love Pastels and Bright Floral colours as you might have already guessed by now looking at the Title Illustration that I have created for this Blog. I love white.

My design and creative inspiration comes from nature - from flowers, birds, animals, the sky, the sea and much more.

I love collecting eye-catching colourful and interesting stationery, Filofaxes and lovely printed fabrics.

This is a space where I would like to share my passion of colourful organisation with you all.
Hope you enjoy the colourful ride of organisation with me :)


  1. Please share with us where we can purchase the beautiful pastel selections of Washi tape like you have in your planner. I love pastels and your choice of colors is fantastic!

    1. Awww you are so kind. Thank you so much for appreciating. I will definitely post in detail about where I purchase my WASHI tapes etc from. :).